48 Hours in New Orleans

This past weekend I took a solo trip to New Orleans for a good friend’s wedding. While I would have loved if Matt could have joined, we didn’t have child care and a quick weekend trip filled with wedding festivities didn’t seem like the best place for a 1 1/2 year old. I haven’t left Dylan very much since he was born so I also thought it would be good for me (and him) to have some separation. Continue reading “48 Hours in New Orleans”

Grandma’s Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

Every Jewish person will tell you that their Grandma’s matzo ball soup is the best, but none of them compare to my Grandma Sylvia’s! This recipe has been in my family for decades and it is absolutely delicious. I’ve been eating it since I was a baby and still continue to love this comforting soup. There is nothing better to eat on a chilly night or if you’re battling a cold. I started feeding Dylan the broth when he was only 6 months old and now he devours the matzo balls, chicken, veggies, and noodles. Continue reading “Grandma’s Chicken Matzo Ball Soup”

The Painted Burro

I want to give a shout out to my favorite restaurant to go to with Dylan…The Painted Burro. The Painted Burro is a modern Latin American restaurant located in Davis Square, Somerville. It’s open for dinner every night and I’ve heard it has a really fun bar scene, but let’s be honest, eating dinner out with a toddler is about as fun as getting teeth pulled. That’s why we only go for the weekend brunch, which is my favorite meal anyway! We’ve eaten brunch there at least 10 times and here is why we love it so much: Continue reading “The Painted Burro”

The Sippy Cup Problem

So we have a bit of a problem…sippy cups. Actually it’s not just sippy cups, it’s any type of drinking apparatus that is not a bottle. I have been trying to get Dylan off the bottle for 8 months and it is not going well.  I have to admit I’m not always the most consistent, and I usually cave and give him the bottle eventually (I can’t let my little angel get dehydrated).   Continue reading “The Sippy Cup Problem”

Fall Fashion (For Toddlers)

It’s that time of year again; the leaves are changing, the air is crisp…and you get to buy your child a whole new wardrobe! It’s amazing how fast children grow and change and I love watching Dylan progress, but I do not love spending a small fortune on new clothes. Dylan is super lucky because he has seven (yes seven!) grandparents who love to spoil him with new clothes. Even with all the grandparent swag, I feel like I’m constantly spending money on new stuff (fyi, the only new thing I’ve bought for myself this season is a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding). Continue reading “Fall Fashion (For Toddlers)”

Getting Started with Early Intervention

Dylan has always been a little behind when it comes to meeting his milestones. He didn’t start crawling until 13 months and started to pull himself up and walk around furniture by 15 months (most babies usually start crawling between 6-10 months and walk independently by 15 months). I wasn’t too worried at first because Dylan is a bigger guy and everything I’ve read says that bigger babies take longer to move. However, the months kept going by and although Dylan had been making progress, it seemed slow. At Dylan’s 15 month check up his pediatrician didn’t seem too concerned and told me that she usually waits until 18 months before she recommends an early intervention evaluation. Continue reading “Getting Started with Early Intervention”

Day Trip to Portsmouth, NH

One of my favorite things about living in Boston is all the amazing places that are so close to visit. I love getting in the car and exploring all of New England. When I lived in Chicago you could drive to Michigan, Indiana, or Wisconsin, but those places can’t quite compare to the beauty and history of New England (they are also farther drives!).

This past week my Aunt Sue Anne was in town and we decided to take a quick drive to Portsmouth, NH. This is my second time in Portsmouth and it doesn’t disappoint! It’s only about an hour away from Boston, which makes driving a piece of cake. When planning a day trip I try to not to go anywhere that’s more than an hour and a half drive, which still leaves plenty of options near Boston.

Continue reading “Day Trip to Portsmouth, NH”

I’m not a Runner but I’m Running

I have never been a runner. My favorite type of exercise is playing sports, but trying to play an hour of tennis while your toddler watches patiently is never going to happen! Since having Dylan (and before having him to be perfectly honest) it has been really hard to maintain a consistent exercise routine. This past year I was teaching and Dylan was in daycare so it was tough to find the time to workout. Breastfeeding burns calories so that counts as exercise, right? I don’t understand how working moms exercise regularly. It doesn’t seem possible to me but I am so impressed by those who do it!

Continue reading “I’m not a Runner but I’m Running”

Sweet Potato Surprise

My philosophy on baby/toddler diets is “try your best.” I try my best to give Dylan a wide variety of nutrient dense meals but I don’t freak out if he eats a non-organic noodle or, god forbid, something with refined sugar. Dylan started eating solids around six months and the goal was just to expose him to a variety of foods. I was still breastfeeding so I knew he was getting all the nutrients he needed from me. After I stopped breastfeeding (when Dylan was around 14 months) I started to worry more about his diet. Dylan has always been a good eater (does it look like this kid has missed a meal lately?) but we all know toddlers are unpredictable. One day they love something and the next day they’re chucking it all over the floor. They might even love something and still toss it… I guess it is pretty fun!

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