The Painted Burro

I want to give a shout out to my favorite restaurant to go to with Dylan…The Painted Burro. The Painted Burro is a modern Latin American restaurant located in Davis Square, Somerville. It’s open for dinner every night and I’ve heard it has a really fun bar scene, but let’s be honest, eating dinner out with a toddler is about as fun as getting teeth pulled. That’s why we only go for the weekend brunch, which is my favorite meal anyway! We’ve eaten brunch there at least 10 times and here is why we love it so much:

The Food

There is no way I’d go back to a restaurant over 10 times if the food wasn’t awesome. I almost always get the Burrito “La Salida Del Sol” and Matt  gets the Crabcake Benedict. Everything is so delicious and super affordable. If we are really hungry we’ll also go for the mango guacamole and brown sugar bacon!

Burrito “La Salida Del Sol”
Crabcake Benedict (Matt couldn’t wait for me to snap a pic before he took a bite)

The Drinks

I’m not big on brunch cocktails anymore since they just leave me wanting to nap on the couch all afternoon (which is impossible with a toddler). However, the drinks at The Painted Burro are so good that I have to indulge once in awhile.

Strawberry Smash (Henry McKenna bourbon, Ancho Reyes, strawberry puree, lemon, simple, mint)

The Music

I love singing along to oldies while I dine, and they play the music just loud enough so the other patrons are not bothered by a screaming toddler.

The Reservations

The days of waiting an hour for a table in a cramped and crowded brunch hotspot are long gone. I love that we can always make a reservation so we know that we’ll be seated right away.

The Walk

The Painted Burro is about 1 1/2 miles from our apartment and we can take the Alewife Linear Park/ Somerville Community Path the whole way there. This tree-lined bike path makes the walk so pleasant and I don’t feel as bad about stuffing my face at brunch.

Throwback to Dylan dining at The Painted Burro when he was only 4 months old


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