Fall Fashion (For Toddlers)

It’s that time of year again; the leaves are changing, the air is crisp…and you get to buy your child a whole new wardrobe! It’s amazing how fast children grow and change and I love watching Dylan progress, but I do not love spending a small fortune on new clothes. Dylan is super lucky because he has seven (yes seven!) grandparents who love to spoil him with new clothes. Even with all the grandparent swag, I feel like I’m constantly spending money on new stuff (fyi, the only new thing I’ve bought for myself this season is a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding).

When buying new clothes for Dylan I look for ones that are simple (can easily be mixed and matched), durable, affordable, and comfortable. I love seeing those babies decked out in collared shirts, sweaters, and skinny jeans but it just doesn’t seem comfortable! Dylan is a bigger guy so whenever I put him in “real pants”, they are tight and hard for him to move in. That’s why we keep it simple with soft cotton shirts and joggers.

My favorite places to shop for Dylan are Gap, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Zara and Hannah Andersson. The majority of Dylan’s Clothes are Gap or Old Navy (they always have sales or coupons). These brands are well-made, affordable and super cute. Even after washing these clothes a ton, they still look good and will last for baby number two. If I have another child, they will definitely wear all of Dylan’s hand-me-downs (even if it’s a girl). There is no way I’m buying all these clothes again!

Old Navy fleece/knit hooded jacket, Old Navy thermal henley shirt, Gap denim joggers, Air Jordan cap (from TJ Maxx), Air Jordan sneakers (gift from Pops)

When I want something a little “trendier” I head to Zara or TJ Maxx. Zara has the most adorable knits and many of their clothes are still comfy and durable. There’s a TJ Maxx down the street from my apartment so I love to run in and check out their kids section. I’ve found some great deals on designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Seven For All Mankind, Carters, and Air Jordan.

Zara reversible printed t-shirt, Zara speckled trousers, Stride Rite slow motion Kellen sneaker

Hannah Andersson has such well made clothes and their “jammies” are the absolute best! However, their stuff is pricier and I feel very lucky that Dylan’s Grammy loves this store too!

Dylan’s excited about his Hannah Andersson pajamas

Thank the lord for online shopping. I don’t know how my parents dragged 4 kids to the mall for new clothes. I took Dylan to the mall one time and it was one of our worst experiences to date. He screamed nonstop, refused to nurse, and would not sit in his stroller. Never again!

***I totally just wrote this post in order to share these adorable pics of the D Man!

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