Sweet Potato Surprise

My philosophy on baby/toddler diets is “try your best.” I try my best to give Dylan a wide variety of nutrient dense meals but I don’t freak out if he eats a non-organic noodle or, god forbid, something with refined sugar. Dylan started eating solids around six months and the goal was just to expose him to a variety of foods. I was still breastfeeding so I knew he was getting all the nutrients he needed from me. After I stopped breastfeeding (when Dylan was around 14 months) I started to worry more about his diet. Dylan has always been a good eater (does it look like this kid has missed a meal lately?) but we all know toddlers are unpredictable. One day they love something and the next day they’re chucking it all over the floor. They might even love something and still toss it… I guess it is pretty fun!

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